Friday, July 28, 2006

Just Say No

It's true, I make Arthur perform tricks against his will, wear dumb outfits and pose incessantly for my camera, but can you imagine if I trained him to do these things by hitting him repeatedly with a bullhook and chaining his legs so he couldn't move around? Well, imagine no further animal lovers because the circus is coming to town!

Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus, those mainstay family entertainers of my childhood, are not only still in business, but still practicing animal cruelty. I won't sully Arthur's blog with the sordid details (or the videotape to prove them), but suffice to say a lawsuit brought by the ASPCA, the Fund for Animals, and the Animal Welfare Institute against Ringling Bros is currently pending after the U.S. Court of Appeals in D.C. rejected the circus' arguments that the case be dismissed.

Stupid circus. And they call their elephants "ambassadors" for animal preservation. I'd like to poke Kenneth Feld (the current owner) with a bullhook and see how he likes it.

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Anonymous said...

Keep the memory of "Tyke" the elephant alive! Gunned down by HPD in !994.