Monday, August 28, 2006

Pet Shopping Layover

When i go to the airport, I expect to find certain things: magazines, T-shirts, bacon doublecheesebugers. I certainly do not expect dog-angel Christmas ornaments, rhinestone collars and multitudes of squeaky toys. But lo! in the Southwest terminal at LAX there is a crazy pet boutique called Bow Wow Meow (although you wouldn't know it from the empty space on the marquee where the name should be) where you can purchase last-minute gifts for your dog or cat. Never before have I seen such airport swag. After you buy People and some supersize fries next door, you can pick up a hot dog costume for your daschund or a pink, jester-like decorative collar for your bulldog. Cra-zy.

I was too overwhelmed to buy anything for Arthur, but it was probably for the best. He already has too many outfits.

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