Saturday, August 19, 2006

Postcard From Hawaii - Fun With Dawn

Dear Arthur -
Do you remember cousin Dawn? She came to L.A. for a visit some years ago, but lives in Hawaii. Dawn is awesome. We get to hang out with her whenever we're here, and I wish she lived closer so we could see her more often.

Anyway, last night she took us to Bishop Museum to see a traveling children's exhibit called "Grossology," which is based on a book about human bodily functions. Among other things, we saw burp, fart and vomit simulators; a "guess the smell" test (where the choices were "mouth," "armpit," "anus," or "foot"); a GI-tract slide; and a skin afflictions climbing wall. The picture above is Dawn playing "Urine, The Game." Is this what kids are into these days? We were very disturbed. Still, we got a free whoopie cushion, so we were happy.

You probably don't care about human bodily functions, but you would like hanging out with Dawn. She says hello.

The dogsitter

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