Tuesday, August 08, 2006


i'm so bored. there's nothing going on. at least the blinds are open so i can see the whole sidewalk and not just WAIT who's that? i've never seen...should i bark? should i? should i? damn my paw's so itchy. WAIT where did he go? damn. he was right there! i'll just lay down for a WAIT is that him? is it? man. i'm so bored. this sucks. at least it's not so hot today.

Who's that barking? should i bark? should i? i don't see anything. i don't...man i'm so itchy. it's like i itch all over. hey will you scratch my butt? you. will you scratch me? please? right here. here. no wait, right here. more. please? man. maybe i'll just lie down. i'm so bored. this really sucks.

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Anonymous said...

At least he isn't thinking "throwtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheballthrowtheball"