Sunday, October 08, 2006

Shelter Super Special

OK, yes - I am currently obsessed with dog shelters, and yesterday went to check out L.A. Animal Services' North Central Center's grand reopening (see Friday's post). It was one of the most pleasant dog-shelter experiences I've ever had, and I made it almost all the way through without crying. The new wing of outdoor cages feels spacious and airy and, thanks to rows of solar panels generating power on the roof directly above, will be toasty warm in the winter. It really is nice.

I don't know if the star dogs were out in the new pens for the occasion, but every single one that we saw looked healthy, friendly and imminently adoptable. Actually, all of the dogs, inside and out, were very sweet. I wanted to take them home.

That's the thing with visiting shelters: you start wishing you were some kind of pet fairy who could rescue every one. It can be very disempowering and sad. But on the up side, the money being spent on pet-saving programs and facilities like North Central definitely feel like a step in the right direction.

I'm sure shelter veteran Arthur would approve.

And my favorite:

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