Saturday, December 09, 2006

Doggie Baggin

My relatives recently took a trip to the Czech Republic and brought back a pooper scooper kit that they'd picked up on the street in Prague. Basically, it's a cardboard shovel and a paper bag, and available to anyone who happens to need one. How handy is that? Because you never know when your dog's going to assume the four-paws-together, and oh the embarassment if you're caught without a receptacle. Once I had to use a giant leaf as a scoop.

My only beef is that the bag seems mighty flimsy - certainly not sturdy enough to hold anything, um, organic for very long. But I guess you shouldn't be walking around with a full bag, anyway.

Thanks, former Czechoslovakia!

I took the shovel into the backyard and used it to scoop up Arthur's purple tennis ball, which I really didn't want to touch anyway.

He sits in appreciation of European ingenuity.

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