Sunday, December 03, 2006

One Warm Blanket

I was noticing on the LAAS web site that all of their shelters need blankets. They actually need a lot of things, but blankets are near the top of the list, especially now that winter has arrived. (L.A. actually does drop below 70 degrees now and then.) So I'm doing a little blanket drive to help out all those cold winter dogs that are lying on those cold concrete floors in those cold concrete cages this holiday season. Every dog needs a blanket. Arthur has three.

So I guess you could say it's the Today's Arthur Blanket Drive. If you live in Southern California and have an old quilt or throw or coverlet that you'd like to donate, contact me at and I'll come and pick it up. I'll also be going to the fabric store and buying yards of cheap, warm fleece to cut up into big dog-sized pieces (which is what Arthur's bear blanket is, above), and taking those over. Alternatively, you can contribute to this fleece-buying fund, if you like.

Or, you can look over the shelter wish lists and donate something else instead. It's the season of giving! Bust out and give away something you were going to send to the Salvation Army anyway.

The dogs will be so happy you did.

L.A. Animal Services' Shelter Wish Lists:
West L.A.
North Central
South L.A.
East Valley
West Valley

More information on the L.A. Animal Services web site:

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