Saturday, December 02, 2006

Today's Adoption - Shadow

No one had adopted Shadow the Shepherd off of L.A. Animal Services' death row since I'd seen him there two weeks ago (see Nov 19 post), so I emailed Robin Jampol at Westside German Shepherd Rescue and she helped me get him transferred from North Central to the more adoption-conducive West L.A. shelter. She just asked that I commit to paying for his board if he wasn't adopted within 2 weeks.

Well, I went down to see him today, and he was in the process of getting adopted by a very nice gay couple. He licked my hand.

I know it's just one dog, and it sounds really sappy, but it made me feel so good to see that he'd found a family. Hopefully he won't have to be in a shelter ever again.

Hooray for Shadow!

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Anonymous said...

Wait who licked your hand? Shadow or the gay couple. I keed, I keed. That was a very nice story, YAY SHADOW!