Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today's Rescue - Help Teddy!

Today was the big day - a rescue day - and the beginning, I thought, of Teddy's new life. But I pulled Teddy out of his pen at North Central this morning, and he turned out to be so much stronger than I had anticipated. I could barely handle him. On my last visit, the animal technician had done all the leash handling, and made Teddy's walk look like a piece of cake. But although I'm no wimpy frail thing, I'm not a grown man, and Teddy's 80 lbs easily trumps my 120.

And now I'm faced with a heartbreaking dilemma. Since I would be rescuing Teddy on my own, I would be the one to walk him and train him, and it seems that that's just not physically possible. But I also noticed today for the first time that he has a dew claw that has curled into his paw and is probably infected, so if I, or someone, doesn't take him sometime VERY soon, he will most likely be put down instead of treated since he has been at the shelter for over a month. As a first-time rescuer, it is a situation that is almost unbearable. I know rescue groups and shelter workers must experience this situation day after day, but for me, it is all new, and frankly, I am at a total loss.

Do I pull Teddy and pay for trainers to handle him and find stronger people to show him at adoption events, or do I rescue possibly another two dogs at the same expense, who are as sweet and beautiful but have a better chance of being adopted? The thought of Teddy being put down makes me want to throw up. But do I sacrifice all my resources on him? I normally don't wish for large amounts of cash or more muscle mass, but right now, I'm wishing for both.

If there are any rescuers out there with words of advice, I would most gladly accept them. Or if there is anyone looking for a very energetic brindle Staffordshire with a happy puppy-like wiggle and an eagerness for affection, please PLEASE contact me or the L.A. Animal Services' North Central shelter. Teddy's life is dangling by a very tenuous thread. The hold on him ends Sunday.

3-year-old American Staffordshire/Boxer
ID#: A841489

NORTH CENTRAL ANIMAL SHELTER (in Lincoln Heights off the 110 freeway)
3201 Lacy Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Call L.A. Animal Services at 888.452.7381 for more information on Teddy or email me at

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