Sunday, January 28, 2007

Today's Rescue Update - Teddy

This afternoon I met with dog advocate/photographer Nikki Audet from The Mutt Scouts Animal Society, who had emailed me about Teddy and expressed an interest in his welfare. She had seen Teddy once before, scared and yelping, and had never experienced his playful, sweet side, so we took him to the play area where he demonstrated an ability to sit and his ever-present penchant for belly rubs. I think he really won her over.

So now Nikki will be helping me email blast Teddy's name across the internet to try to get him adopted or rescued ASAP. Every day he stays in that cage is one less day he could be in training and getting the love and care he needs. (His infected, swollen dew claw has been temporarily tended to, but also needs to be properly taken care of as soon as possible).

So please, if you're reading this and can spare $50, $20 or even that wadded up dollar bill you just found wedged between the cushions in your sofa, would you consider donating it to Teddy's fund to get out of North Central and into a foster home? If you feel more comfortable giving your money to The Mutt Scouts, just earmark your donation to Nikki with Teddy's name, ID number, and North Central location.

Please help us save Teddy! He has been in the shelter since December 5th and doesn't have much time left.

The Mutt Scouts Animal Society

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