Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rainy Day Baggin

I want to buy Arthur a new raincoat. Not because he needs one in L.A., necessarily, but because I think dogs in raincoats are pretty darn funny. And actually, every once in a while, it comes in handy: On Christmas day, 2003, I had to fashion Arthur a makeshift jacket out of an extra-large Salvation Army plastic bag and some string because it was raining like crazy and God forbid we not go on the morning walk. Even though the plastic cape-coat worked really well, he would've looked a little less ghetto in an actual jacket. (Not that I have anything against looking ghetto, mind you).

George has been selling a very hilarious coat that I would love to buy him - it's a vinyl faux wood-grain print with a red fleecy lining that velcros around the neck and under the upper belly. I haven't brought him into the store for a fitting, but I just know that if I put it on him he would look like a big log. Imagine the irony!

I only hope they have his size.

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