Friday, February 23, 2007

Today's Rescue - Baldwin Park Activism

I heard from the Mutt Scouts recently that the Baldwin Park county shelter has a plethora of evidence dogs right now (about 100 of them) - dogs that are technically not available for adoption, but have to sit in holding cages until the charges against their owners have been resolved. Some have been there a whole year.

In a way, the situation for these dogs is worse than that of regular shelter dogs - many of them are victims of cruelty or neglect, and may sit in the shelter for a very long time only to be handed back to their owners, or on the flip side, confiscated by the shelter and put on the regular adoption list.

The Mutt Scouts noticed on a recent trip to Baldwin Park that none of these evidence dogs had blankets to sleep on month after month, as if they were the ones in prison awaiting sentencing. What's up with that? So the Scouts are collecting blankets to take over so they will at least have a soft place to lie down. Can you donate a blanket to the cause?

If you don't have an old one to give, here are a few affordable options:

Printed fleece: $6.99

Thermal Fleece: $7.19

Heavyweight fleece: $8.39

Other options might be to go to garage sales, the Salvation Army or your local fabric store to pick up some blanket-y goodness. For the price of two soy chai lattes, you could provide a sad dog with a little comfort.

Do it today!

To donate a blanket, email the Mutt Scouts at Make it this month's good deed.

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