Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today's Rescue - Tito

I saw this sweet collie mix at North Central last week - he was in one of the dark inside cages all by himself, and despite his horribly bedraggled state (he'd been a stray for God knows how long and has some medical issues), was friendly and cheerful. Poor guy - he's in pretty bad shape. Big chunks of his fur were missing, and he was having some trouble walking. He's 12 years old! Still, when I knelt down by his cage, he seemed really happy to have a visitor.

I am partial to collies for obvious reasons, but Tito's a really cute guy. Just look at that face. He needs some serious TLC and a big, soft bed to lie on.

Can anyone give him a home?

Male rough collie mix
12 years old
North Central shelter
ID#: A853790

For more information, go to www.laanimalservices.com or call 213.485.8855 or 888.452.7381

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