Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eat Me

I've recently become obsessed with Arthur's dog food thanks to a tome I've been reading called The Complete Holistic Dog Book by Jan Allegretti and Katy Sommers. Although it details everything from alternative therapies to preventative home care, I've been particularly interested in a chapter called "A Wholesome Diet" which reads like a doggie Fast Food Nation. It's scary. Let's just say that what you don't know (about your dog's food) can definitely hurt you (or your dog, rather).

Anyway, Arthur had been eating Lotus brand, which seemed perfectly healthy and natural, but as it turns out, is actually made by Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies - a pet store - which of course they don't tell you. Lotus is probably not bad food, necessarily, but wouldn't you rather feed your dog a product made by a company whose sole raison d'etre was producing food?

I said I was obsessed, right?

So now, Arthur is trying a brand called Merrick's, which is made by a supposedly reputable company from supposedly high quality ingredients. (One of the labels on the package says, "REAL MEAT." Does that mean it usually isn't?) We'll see. All I know is, it looks yummy, and Arthur LOVES IT.

He may be just as obsessed as I am.

The Complete Holistic Dog Book

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