Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today's Rescue - Ross and Sasha

This is Ross. I saw him yesterday afternoon at the West L.A. shelter and spent half my time there sitting with him and taking his picture. Isn't he beautiful? He reminds me of my mom's fiance's previous dog, Sugie, a ridgeback/lab/pit bull who was one of the greatest dogs I've ever met.

Ross is also a pit bull, but looks really lab-y to me. He has the most beautiful copper brown fur, all thick and glossy, and has more of a fleshy lab body - not as densely muscular as a pit bull and without the super-cinched waistline. He's still very young - only a year - so I guess that could change, but I predict a soft belly in Ross' future. It's in his lab genes. (Click on the collage for a bigger view.)

He was very concerned about all the barking among the other dogs, and was very keen on getting back with his kennel mate, a German shepherd who was eating his dinner on the other side of the gate. He sat nicely by the door, waiting for the animal tech to raise the partition.

And this is Sasha, an 11-year-old lab with the happiest-looking doggie smile. Except he was more freaked out than happy, panting like Arthur does when he gets anxious, and pacing around on his blanket afraid to get comfortable. He was an owner surrender, and clearly very confused. But what a sweet boy! I took these few pictures of him which don't do him justice, but the camera made him nervous and I didn't want to keep snapping away like some freaky paparazzi trying to get my money shot.

He's such a nice boy, and needs a nice home.

They both do!

ID#: A858140

ID#: A861700

West L.A. Animal Shelter
11950 Missouri Ave. (at Bundy Dr.)
Los Angeles, CA 90025

For more information, go to

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