Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today's Rescue - Scooby

This is Scooby, an 8-month-old pointer mix currently in the Merced County animal shelter (about 4 hours north of L.A. past Fresno, near Modesto). His story makes me so irate I can barely articulate a sentence, so I'm just going to borrow from his Petfinder profile:
The name on the kennel card reads "Scooby," and further down it reads, "confiscated/cruelty." Inside is a sad little puppy curled up on a red blanket, nothing but skin and bones, his entire body covered with scabs. Does he have an allergy? No - his skin condition, along with his inability to stand for very long, is due to malnutrition. It seems his owner had simply not bothered to feed him.

Here at the shelter, when Scooby's food was brought to him, I held his bowl so he could eat without having to walk to it - I thought he might growl, but he did not. After he ate I stroked his scabby face and bony neck. He whimpered a little, looked up at me with kind eyes and licked my hand. When I rubbed his ear he moaned in delight and leaned into it. How those scabs must itch!

Scooby is only 15 lbs. The shelter staff doesn't know if he's good with children, cats or other dogs, or if he's housebroken, but at this point, I think nurturing and rehabilitation are the most important goals for this poor guy. Because of everything he's been through, he is available to rescue groups only (for whom there is no charge).

I will now refrain from making rude comments about lame-ass owners with half a brain cell who shouldn't be allowed to own an animal let alone breed or drive a car. I will take the high road and go in peace.

Kennel A - #A027398

For more information, email ddulaney@wac.com

Merced County Animal Control
2080 Grogan Ave.
Merced, CA 95340

M-F 9:30-1pm, 2-4:30pm
Sa 10am-12pm, 1-3pm

closed Sundays and holidays

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