Saturday, April 07, 2007

Give a Little, Get a Lot

I've finally put together a wish list for the Baldwin Park shelter, aided by some of the nice people I met when I visited last month (see March 3 post). (Special thanks to Jamie, one of the animal techs!) The situation is not good there and not getting any better (although unlike L.A. Animal Services shelters, they do seem to be able to keep veterinarians on staff). It's so sad. They need so many things.

The list is unsurprising, and contains items I'm sure every shelter in the state could use, only Baldwin Park seems to really need them, especially when it comes to comfort items for the dogs. The big ticket merchandise would be especially wonderful.

Too bad David Geffen won't stop pining for the L.A Times and throw a couple million at the county shelters. They could sure use it.

Baldwin Park Shelter Wish List

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