Sunday, April 01, 2007

Today's Emergency Rescue

This sweet girl is about to die in the South L.A. shelter. She was used as a bait dog and a breeder until she was turned in, tired and worn out, without a second thought. And now, despite the fact that she maintains a loving, patient, cheerful spirit towards both humans and other dogs, she is marked for euthanization, just another pit bull that nobody wants.

Here's what shelter volunteer Rita has to say about her:

This dog is a gem. She is all love. When I approach her cage, she cannot contain her joy that I have come to visit. Why would she have any reason in the world to love people after the mistreatment she has suffered?

She trotted out to the visiting area and immediately tried to sit in my lap. It is a joy to be in her presence - she is beyond charming, immediately loveable, and a happy, loving goofball. She also strangely exudes a kind of zen calmness. Look at the pictures of her beat-up face and body. It is shocking that her spirit has survived intact.

Despite the fact that Rita has raised $800 for this little girl, no one has stepped forward. It's true, as Rita says, not only is she a pit bull, she's a 6-year-old pit bull with scars. She's not white with cute spots. Even rescue groups have bottom lines, and they know that trying to place a dog like this one is nearly impossible.

Here is the ashley and hobie post Rita put up today:

I know that $800 is not enough money to cover the expenses of a middle-aged pit bull who does not have the look that people go for. I know it doesn't matter how special she is, how loving she is, how forgiving she is.

So this is it, last call. If no one is able to help her, I will have to take my name off of her and say a prayer for her sweet, loving soul. She really is one in a million. Maybe she will go to a better place where she is wanted. It kills me that there is nothing I can do to save her life.

To me, the plight of this girl represents all that is wrong and unfair in the world, and I can't help thinking that if we can't save just one like this, what hope do we have for the thousands of others just like her? She's in the shelter's majority minority, destined to be branded because of her breed no matter how much she stands out as an individual.

Her rescue depends on another (human) individual who can see past her scars and love her for who she is.

I'm sure that person will get that love back in return, tenfold.

If you can help - rescue, foster, call the shelter, cross-post, anything, please, please do so ASAP. She is literally hanging by a thread.

ID#: A859512

South L.A. Animal Shelter
3612 11th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90018

213.485.0117 or

Google map

For more information, email Rita at

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