Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Do the Right Thing

Assembly Bill 1634, better known as the California Healthy Pets Act, goes before the state Assembly Appropriations Committee this morning in Sacramento. In fact, it could be on the floor this very moment! The bill, in case you hadn't heard, would make spaying or neutering your dog or cat a requirement in the state of California (with certain exceptions).

Of course, the American Kennel Club (the NRA of the animal world), has come out in full force in opposition to the bill. Here's what their Web site has to say about it:
Contrary to proponent's claims that purebred dog breeders are exempt from the proposal, the bill will require breeders pay an undetermined annual fee for every intact dog they possess. This financial burden will penalize responsible breeders and owners for a purported problem they are not responsible for.

Additionally, few jurisdictions in California currently have breeder's licenses. Creation and administration of the new intact animal permit and/or the breeder's licenses will divert valuable animal control resources from things like protecting the public from stray dogs and investigating animal cruelty.
So, it's about money, basically. I am also particularly entertained by the social responsibility bit about diverting money from animal control resources.

Here's a figure they might want to bandy about: If conditions in the state remain the same (i.e. the number of unwanted animals - often litters of puppies - turned in to the animal shelters), the taxpayer cost of animal sheltering and euthanization in California for the next 10 years will be over $2.5 billion. TWO-AND-A-HALF BILLION DOLLARS.

That kind of money will buy a lot of $2000 dogs.

California Healthy Pets Act

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