Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dogs All Around

I am the kind of obsessive dog person who takes pictures of dogs wherever I go. I just can't help myself. My boyfriend says I can sense a dog before anyone else knows it's there, and I must concur: they're always on my radar.

Is that so wrong?

Anyway, here are a few nice pooches from some of our recent travels.

A pod of afghans (all belonging to one man clearly more obsessed than me) on Granville Island in Vancouver.

Oatmeal-y wheaton at the Greenwich Sunday market in London.

Sara the Pike Place market dog in Seattle.

Corgi/shepherd mutt at the Edinburgh station in Scotland.

A mastiff and a chihuahua at a perfume shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (Photo taken by my sister, who is also dog obsessed although she'd never admit it.)

Weimaraner shop dog scoping out the street in London.

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