Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Life Aquatic

Yesterday I brought home a squeaky terry-cloth octopus that my coworker Allison had donated to Arthur's ever-expanding toy bin. Apparently, her cats had rejected it, and their loss proved to be his gain. Woohoo!

He and I have this go-get-it routine with new toys where I put the thing on a chair and he whines until I say, okay. Except this time he added this horse-y hoof-to-the-dirt pawing action, which I took as a warm up to imminent chomping. You are SO mine, terry-cloth octopus.

And then he grabbed it,

and ran.

Thanks, Allison!


Anonymous said...

He looks funny walking around with 6 yellow legs radiating from his mouth.

dogsitter said...

Indeed. That fact slipped past my highly developed journalistic powers of observation. A sextopus. Arthur must like the misfits.