Friday, June 01, 2007

Today's Rescue - Red

This is what you get when you pull a dog out of a shelter (especially an old guy): blissed-out gratitude.

Red, renamed Murray, was rescued by Fetching Companions Labrador Retriever Rescue this past week, and will hopefully be in a foster home in the next few days. Here is what one of his rescuers had to say about him yesterday:
I had the pleasure of picking Murray up from the vet's office this morning where he had been neutered, and we stopped by Griffith Park (where he took care of business right away) for a little stroll before heading over to Bark Avenue where he is being boarded. Every time I looked at him or touched him, his tail would start wagging. I had such a difficult time taking his photo because he wanted to be right next to me and would try to give me sloppy kisses.

What a great big love. He is one awesome guy.
Murray was listed at North Central shelter as a golden retriever/bloodhound, but it turns out he is what is called a fox red labrador retriever. Purebred, if you care about such things. What's more important is that he won't have to sleep on a cold floor anymore (he has arthritic hips). Just look at that big fluffy bed in the photo!

Hooray for Murray!

For more information on Murray, including how to adopt him, go to
(He hasn't yet been added to their Web site roster, but is indeed in their care.)

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