Monday, June 11, 2007

Today's Rescue - Shelter Favorites

This is Lana - a sweet, quiet, well behaved chow who is scheduled to be euthanized on Friday because no one has adopted her out of the South L.A. shelter. She's not a puppy or a trendy breed, and she's so depressed she doesn't wag her tail or run to the front of her cage when people walk by. So Lana will die on Friday when all she needs is someone to acknowledge her and take her home. It sounds melodramatic, but it's true. True for so many dogs.

There are hundreds of these types in the city shelters, and as a group they make up an overwhelming population. But individually, often with a little cajoling, you'll find a myriad of personalities and temperaments, each one unique, just like humans. The dogs in this post are being championed for their extra-special qualities by the volunteers whose intuition and experience helps them spot the gems among the masses.

Save a life - adopt one today!

TUNDRA - 2-year-old Queensland Heeler
ID#: A870657
South L.A. shelter

ANDY - a possible German shepherd/labrador retriever mix, male, 5 years old.
ID#: A866359
West L.A. shelter

LUMIS - 2-year-old female Sharpei mix
ID#: A854999
North Central shelter

JULIA - a 7-month-old German shepherd/collie mix who lost one of her eyes
ID#: A875351
South L.A. shelter

LADY - 5-year-old female staffordshire terrier/labrador retriever/shepherd mix
ID#: A864484
Harbor shelter

FRANCINE - 5-year-old pit bull terrier mix
ID#: A869223
South L.A. annex

LANA - 4-year-old female chow chow
ID#: A870346
South L.A. shelter

And there are 651 others, all waiting to be adopted in the six L.A. city shelters! For more information, go to or call 888.452.7381

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