Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friends In the Hood

This afternoon I took Arthur next door to meet Pondicherry, the tiny blue-merle sheltie puppy he's been whining at through the fence for a couple of months. Woohoo! Imagine his excitement. As an added bonus, Starlit, Pondicherry's sister, was also visiting, and I was anticipating loads of playtime madness.

The girls were a bit skittish initially and kept running away, but once they regained their nerve started herding Arthur like he's never been herded. Actually, has he ever been herded? I don't think so.

He didn't really know what to make of it - the tiny little barks, the sniffing at his heels, the tag team escort trailing behind him.

I thought it was very hi-larious.

It was all good fun.

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