Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Midwestern Dogs

Back from Illinois/Indiana/Michigan where I was traveling to attend a family funeral and meet some of Chris' relatives. While I really enjoyed spending time with all of them, I have to say I was extra-enthused about getting to know two of the family dogs: Sparky, Chris' uncle's 11-year-old border collie, who has the run of a farm-style spread in La Porte, Indiana and will play with you and a ChuckIt until he (or you) drops; and Colfax, another uncle's 4-month-old, 40+ lb. labrador/rottweiler, who was abandoned in a baseball field and might possibly be the cutest puppy ever.

Chris was partial to Sparky and his super-focused smart-dog border-collie mentality, but I have to say I loved Colfax and his floppy, happy, well behaved, I'm-tied-to-a-pole-but-not-barking demeanor. Such good boys.

Welcome to the family.

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