Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today's Rescue - Board Favorites

Even for a crazy dog person like myself, it's shocking to see some of the animals that end up in the shelters. Who gives up dogs like these?

Anyway, their owners' loss is your gain. Take one home today!

ID#: A876968
South L.A. shelter

Look at that sad face! Buck is a small 3-year-old German shepherd at South L.A. with a sweet, gentle temperament and not much time left. He's just 41 lbs and gets bullied by the bigger dog in his cage. He is redlisted and his situation is very urgent.

ID#: A880772
Harbor shelter

Rosie was greenlisted because of a skin condition and "weak legs," although she has no problem walking and jumps up to see the animal techs who come to see her. She's also had a bath and her skin is improving. She's a 10-year-old lab/shepherd mix who would do so much better out of the dungeon-like OBS ward and in a proper home. Senior dogs make great pets!

ID#: A881945
East Valley shelter

Six-month-old Lucy looks like a Wolfhound, and she is a bundle of love.

For more information, call 888.452.7381 or go to the L.A. Animal Services Web site at

UPDATE: Lucy rescued!

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