Monday, August 06, 2007

Today's Rescue - Nero Update

I received an email today from Giovanni, the volunteer at the West L.A. shelter who had been working with Nero the black shepherd mix to get him adopted.

Nero was scheduled for euthanization on July 22, but thanks to the efforts of Giovanni and some other very kind, dog-loving people, he was pulled from the shelter at the very last minute.

Here's what Giovanni had to say:
Nero truly cheated death by a dog's hair. We were able to have him pulled through a rescue and placed into Tim Smith's hands at Sit Means Sit Dog Training School. I think Nero could not have chosen any better.

I will be following his progress and will let you know how he's doing in about eight weeks, when I will be visiting him.

It has truly been a rollercoaster experience, and I'm looking forward to having Nero become the West L.A. shelter's great success story!
Hooray for Nero!

Sit Means Sit

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