Monday, October 01, 2007

Halloween Preview

I love Halloween. It's one of my favorite yearly events. Arthur, however, does not love Halloween, mostly because it represents yet another opportunity for me to dress him up in a humiliating fashion. Sorry, boy. When I dress you up like a giant bumblebee, I do it with love.

To make matters worse, I now work at a pet accessories store, and it is currently chock full of pet outfits, all very hi-larious, and naturally, I brought some of them home to try on Arthur, with mixed results.


The schoolboy was okay - the cape was no problem, but he didn't like the hat. It has a big, red pompom on the top that you can't see in this picture.

Cuteness: A- Tolerability: B-

The pumpkin was about as popular as the schoolboy: easy-on collar, barely tolerable hat.

Cuteness: A Tolerability: C

Okay, so this is just a hat and therefore not really a costume, but Arthur makes such a nice cowboy. This piece was made of felt and very soft, but he really disliked the velcro attachment band.

Cuteness: A- Tolerability: D

This picture speaks for itself. He despised the beanie. Truly hated it. He's shooting daggers at my camera.

Cuteness: A Tolerability: F

The big winner! For whatever reason, he liked the dragon. Maybe because it felt like a jacket, which he likes, or maybe because the headpiece sat pretty far back on his head. No matter. Just look at that smile.

Cuteness: A- Tolerability: B+

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