Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ties To the Past

Chris and I just returned from a short vacation to Washington, D.C. (thanks, Virgin America!), and while we were gone, Arthur hurt his paw. Apparently, he cracked a claw jumping around in the backyard.

My brother-in-law took him to the vet where he (Arthur) was bandaged and medicated, and then sent me this picture, which I loved. His foot looks like a golf club.

Coincidentally, it reminded me of the giant ground sloth skeleton we had just seen at the National Museum of Natural History
(except that Arthur is about 18 feet shorter and a million years younger.)

They have similar toes.


clam said...

notice how the picture is carefully framed to include peen

dogsitter said...

Yes, and you should've seen what it looked like BEFORE Photoshop.