Friday, October 26, 2007

Today's Rescue - East Valley Specials

These sweet dogs went to East Valley's last mobile adoption event and didn't get adopted. But not because they're unworthy! Check them out (with behavioral comments via

(Clockwise, from top left; click to view larger)

Female German shepherd mix
6 years old
ID#: A498503
"Ruby is sweet, affectionate and very alert. She is somewhat independent, and would benefit from being the only dog in a household, preferring humans to other dogs. She is child friendly; knows how to sit; and is good on leash, but not so good with cats. She has a high energy level and has great athletic abilities for a mature dog."

Female collie/Siberian husky mix
1 year old
ID#: A877434
"Bean is outgoing, confident, cheerful and eager to please. She is child friendly, easy to handle and doesn't pull on the leash. There is a 75% chance she may be housetrained. She has a medium energy level and can be a bit assertive with some other dogs, usually other females, but knows 'sit' and 'down.' She's also very food motivated, which makes her easy to train. She was turned in by an owner who 'had too many other pets.'"

Male American staffordshire terrier/basenji mix
6 months old
ID#: A884960
"Tiger is a very sweet-natured puppy. He would benefit from a home with other dogs as he loves them all and doesn't have an ounce of aggression. He is child friendly, knows how to sit, is good on leash and is most likely housetrained. He is very smart, playful and eager to please. He is very food motivated and would respond well to obedience training."

Female rottweiler/labrador retriever mix
3 years old
ID#: A892074
"Ameena is a big, beautiful girl with lots of potential. She's very happy-go-lucky, easygoing and very sweet toward all humans. She loves children, but can be dog-particular. She responds well to correction, so with proper training, will be a loyal family dog. No cats, please."

Female German shepherd/labrador retriever mix
8 years old
ID#: A871901
"Cutie is very playful, happy and curious, and aims to please. She enjoys lap-sitting and snuggling, and bonds easily. She can be a bit dominant with other dogs, and prefers human companionship. She is food motivated, which makes her easy to train."

Female German shepherd/labrador retriever mix
2 years old
ID#: A774970
"Brownie is friendly and playful with other dogs and children. She is sweet and cheerful, and bonds easily. She has a high energy level, but is so eager to learn and so obedient, she would make the perfect dog for a family willing to train her and spend time getting a lot of exercising. Such a good girl!"

East Valley shelter
14409 Vanowen St.
Van Nuys, CA 91405

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