Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Shopping

When I was much younger and living in San Francisco, I used to shop at a small pet boutique in town called George that had the best things and made my favorite collar: a dark red, slightly sheen-y, $18 nylon number that the family shih tzu wore for years. How I loved that collar!

Flash forward many years and George now has a store on Montana Ave. in the heart of upscale-Santa Monica-shopping-land, and their aesthetic hasn't changed one bit. The design is clean, it has a sense of humor and their toys don't insult your intelligence. It's not cheap, but to my way of thinking, it's like shopping at Barneys instead of Sears - both have merit, but one is just so much cooler.

Anyway, George is participating in tonight's Holiday Walk from 6-9 p.m. and is also having a dog adoption. Should be fun. Check it out!


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