Monday, November 26, 2007

Today's Rescue - Goliath

This is Goliath, friend to Saturn (see Nov 12 post) at the Harbor shelter. What a funny boy. Goliath doesn't particularly care for small dogs, but is submissive with all others, is very affectionate and walks well on leash. He is being networked along with Saturn by a couple of Harbor volunteers and is currently green-listed (i.e. one step away from the euthanization list).

There are so many pit bull terriers in the L.A. shelters - a disproportionate number - and most of them end up dying there.

They deserve a second chance!

Male pit bull terrier
1 year old
ID#: A910946

Harbor animal shelter
735 Battery St.

San Pedro, CA 90731


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For more information, go to the L.A. Animal Services' Web site at

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