Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today's Rescue - Princess

Poor Princess - such a sweet, calm girl, but she has a hematoma (a non-cancerous growth) on her ear, and the South L.A. shelter wants to euthanize her.

Here's what one of the volunteers had to say about her after South L.A.'s last mobile adoption:
Princess is good with other dogs, child friendly and responds to leash correction. She's also one of the most affectionate dogs who loves to snuggle and lay in your lap. She's well mannered, quiet, bonds easily and loves everyone. Plus, she's beautiful with the most expressive eyes. She would be a great dog for a family looking for a mellow, easy going companion; she's very focused and eager to please. Such a soulful sweetheart!
South L.A. wants to put her down tomorrow, Thursday, November 15. Save this good girl before it's too late!

Female labrador retriever/pit bull terrier mix
2 years old
ID#: A902752
South L.A. shelter annex

For more information, call L.A. Animal Services' South L.A. shelter at 213.485.0117 or 213.485.0227 or go to

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