Friday, February 22, 2008

At Your Service

I have been freakishly, feverishly sick this week with a kidney infection - no working, no playing, no eating cans of Amy's Cheese-y Ravioli without spiking my temperature up to 100+ degrees. Man. My sister has also been really sick and home from work, and Arthur looks at her with concern every time she starts hacking up a lung.

Arthur is actually a very good sickbed companion and will curl up with you when you need a fuzzy butt to lay your head on.

Hey, Arthur! Could you fetch me my acetominophen with codeine?

Oh well.


LOLA4Dogs said...

Hi there! I hope you are feeling better.
I love your blog and thank you for the thumbs up re my blog on the West LA dogs for adoption (lola4dogs). I'm going to put a link to your blog on my site.
Give Arthur a big kiss for me!
Best, Lola

dogsitter said...

Lola likes Arthur!