Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For the Woman (or Man) Who Has Everything

Chris' aunt forwarded me a link to a company in South Carolina that makes felted handbags out of dog fur. Your own dog's fur, to be exact. They send you an instruction kit on how to collect the goods, you send the fur packet back to them and three weeks later - like magic! - a handbag to match your pet arrives in the mail. Think of it like a wool sweater, except the sheep lives in your backyard, you have money to burn, plus you're a little crazy in the head.

Actually, I couldn't care less what people do with their dog's discarded fur. If they want to make an accessory out of what would have gone into the trash, more power to them. It's like recycling. For me personally, the thought of a silky, white, Arthur-hair clutch gives me the heebs, but don't let that stop YOU. Order away!

Here's a photo of the doggie donor whose fur was used to make the handbag pictured directly above. (Monkey not included in kit.)

Catty Shack Creations

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