Friday, February 29, 2008

The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar

I really missed the boat on this one, but what the hell. Anyone need a calendar?

Pit bull lover and advocate Jyotshna O'Hare and photographer Laura Moss teamed up in 2005 to produce a calendar called The Unexpected Pit Bull, which is now an annual project featuring pit bull owners with quips about their beloved dogs. The best part about the project is that 100% of net calendar proceeds go directly to pit bull rescue and advocacy groups around the country. Awesome.

As the calendar's website points out, there was a time when bully breeds were popular cultural icons in the U.S. - remember Petey from The Little Rascals, the RCA Victor dog and Sergeant Stubby, America's national mascot during World War I? Pit bulls are not vicious by nature - they are trained to be aggressive. They certainly don't deserve to be treated like pariahs.

Help the pit! Buy a calendar! (Now at the reduced price of $10.)

The Unexpected Pit Bull

photo by Laura Moss

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