Tuesday, March 25, 2008


If you're asking yourself right now, Is that bulldog made of felt? The answer is yes. Yes it is. This magnificent specimen was sculpted by the very talented Stephanie Metz, a Bay Area-based artist who works exclusively in wool, to great - and accurate - effect. Her detailed, meticulous work includes sculptures of various creatures and animal skulls, as well the human figure.

I'm a bit obsessed with wool, and have my own felt dog, which my sister bought for me at a Tokyo craft fair last year. It may not be a Stephanie Metz creation, but I still love it.

To each his own felt.

Stephanie Metz


LOLA4Dogs said...

So cute! I love these felt doggies too.
I saw this a while back. They are really sweet. I think you should get one of Arthur!

dogsitter said...

Hi Lola!
Actually, I've been wanting to make my own dog, inspired by this woman:


who also wrote an instructional book called "Fleece Dog."

We'll see. I'm not so good with yarn.