Friday, March 07, 2008

Today's Rescue - Farrah

Just look at this sweet, sad baby! Her name is Farrah, she is a jindo/shepherd cross, and she is currently one of the Mutt Scouts' rescued dogs available for adoption. Those ears! Those eyes! That big, black nose! Kill me now.

Apparently, Farrah was dumped in the shelter by her owners because she "cowered around company." Wow. Usually, it's "barks too much" or "needs too much exercise," not "won't be a social butterfly to amuse my guests." Did I mention that this poor, fearful dog had been hit by a car and not taken to the vet by these very same owners? Lovely.

So the Mutt Scouts saved Farrah and are now trying to raise the funds to fix her post-accident injuries, which healed badly. They've raised x-ray and prescription-medicine money, but the surgery which will help Farrah walk properly is going to cost $2841, which they don't have.

Won't you help Farrah? Twenty dollars via Paypal - boom! done! (or more, if you can spare it), and this sweet girl gets the care she needs to walk properly again.

Do. It. Now.


Mutt Scouts

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