Monday, March 31, 2008

Today's Rescue - Gabe

Meet Gabe, a five-year-old American staffordshire terrier with an awesomely gigantic head. Just look at that doggie smile! I just want to eat him up. Gabe's not-awesome owners abandoned him at an emergency clinic in February after he was hit by a car, and he is now available for adoption at L.A. Animal Services' North Central shelter. He is very happy to be alive.

But for how long? Gabe is quite the lover, but is still recovering from his injuries and needs some TLC, which, as you can imagine, he is not getting in the shelter. How can you heal an injury lying on a cement floor all alone?

Donations are being collected for Gabe to help a potential 501(c)(3) rescue group with his expenses, and are being coordinated by a longtime LAAS volunteer. To donate, send an email to

American staffordshire terrier
5 years old
ID#: A928647
North Central shelter

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