Thursday, May 29, 2008

Conversations On a Walk

Could you carry your own bag, Arthur? Yes, this one that I'm holding. I know you see it. THIS. I mean, it's no big deal, but maybe once in a while you could carry the bag? It would only be fair, right? I always carry it. You could hold it by the edges like I'm doing right now.


I don't get any respect.


Anonymous said...

I *heart* my dogs because they carry bags! We take long walks offleash in the woods and, well, s*** happens. Being a responsible dog owner, I pick it up, bag it and set it at the edge of the trail. My dogs (who are, apparently, nuts) think its a great game on the trek back to race ahead, find the bags and carry them. Proudly.

dogsitter said...

Wow - that is impressive. I can't even get Arthur to carry a ball around for very long, let alone a poop bag. He's such an elitist.