Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Say It Fast Three Times

I was paging through a dog encyclopedia yesterday (because I am that kind of geek), and came across a breed called a kooikerhondje that looks like it could be one of Arthur's ancestors: white fur with copper patches, spotted paws, flag-y tail - how could it not be?

The kooikerhondje (pronounced KOY ker honja) originates from an ancient breed of working spaniel and was popular in Holland in the 17th and 18th centuries. (They show up in Rembrandt paintings a lot.) Temperamentally, they are described as sensitive, intelligent dogs prone to fearfulness, but with a benevolent nature. The only breed traits Arthur doesn't seem to possess are the black tips at the ends of the ears, and the love of water. Good enough for me!

So I followed Arthur around the house calling him a kooikerhondje. He didn't seem to mind, but after a while, my sister raised her head from the sofa where she was reclining to say, I think someone's been SMOKING the kooikerhondje.

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