Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today's Rescue - Dino and Sam

Man, oh man - is there anything cuter than doggie best friends? Dino (a shepherd mix, left) and Sam (a shepherd/chow mix, right) were picked up together as strays last November and have been at the shelter (together) ever since. Both are super mellow and happy, know how to walk nicely on leash, get along with all dogs and all people of all ages, and are obedient and well mannered. This after 6 months at the East Valley shelter!

So why haven't they been adopted, you ask? The sticking point, I would imagine, seeing how these dogs are PERFECT, is that they are both around 10 years old. A lot of potential adopters want puppies. But Dino and Sam are perfect examples of the good life to be had by adopting senior dogs: all of the love with so little of the work. All of the companionship without any of the housetraining. It's like having a 40-year-old child vs. an infant.

But more than just the convenience, the act of rescuing and providing for older dogs who may have lived hard lives or experienced less-than-loving care from their previous owners is a good deed that keeps on giving.

Or, as The Senior Dogs Project sums it up:
By adopting an older dog, we can make a statement about compassion and the value of all life at all ages... Just as a puppy has his whole life ahead of him, so does an older dog. You can give that older dog the best years of his life.

Male (neutered) shepherd mix
10 years old
ID#: A915863

Male (neutered) shepherd/chow chow mix
10 years old
ID#: A915861

note: Dino and Sam have been transferred to the West L.A. shelter

West L.A. shelter
11361 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064


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For more information, go to

The Senior Dog Project

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