Monday, May 19, 2008

Waste Not

I'm generally not a squeamish type of person, and I've never been one to get girly about picking up Arthur's poop, so it's hard for me to understand a product like this one.

Dispoz-a-Scoop (which I've posted about before, but can't remember when) utilizes a wasteful piece of cardboard and thick metal wire so your hand never has to touch poop, whether it's shielded by a layer of plastic or not
. All this nonsense so you're a bit further away from the pile. Whatever.

My biggest gripe, all waste aside, is that the bag is just too small. I mean, Arthur's not a giant, but he can lay down a pretty sizeable coil. And even though I'm not skittish about picking it up, if there's a chance it's going to spill out of the bag and onto my hand, I'd rather just reach for a second bag.

Sorry Dispoz-a-Scoop - you lose on all counts.

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