Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am a Robot

Lately, Arthur's been doing this staring thing when it's close to supper time - what used to be the hungry snuggle has become the dinner stare. Um, yes? Can I help you, unblinking automaton dog? Sometimes, if he's feeling obligatory, he'll sit and stare, but more and more, he just stands there without moving and looks at me until I notice him, and then waits for a response. And waits. Without moving. Or blinking. I think he's trying to mind meld me.

Of course, once you say, Are you hungry? He's all smiles and wags.

What an actor.


K9-CRAZY said...

How to shape your human:
1. Wait patiently and watch for desired behavior.
2. Reward wanted behavior immediately by "turning-on" and praising them. Timing is very important here, reward too late and they will not understand what action you are marking. Humans are simple creatures and you have to be as clear as possible.

You'll notice your human will respond more quickly with each successful session.

dogsitter said...

Arthur, is that you?