Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pet Family Flashback

Back in the 80s, my sister used to take the family dog, Taisho - a very hilarious black-and-white shih tzu with a haircut that made him look like a lion - for rides in a makeshift basket on her 3-speed. The basket was swiped from one of my mother's plastic organizer shelving units and tied to the back rack with belts and ribbons. She would line the basket with towels and then seat belt the dog in.

Not that he would ever have jumped out - Taisho loved going for rides, and would smile his big lion smile the whole time, the wind flapping through his big ears. We would think of this often much later when, old and infirm, he managed to get my mother to take him for "walks" around the neighborhood in a little red Radio Flyer wagon.

He always did manage to get someone else to do the work.


the clam said...

I think I'm wearing a skort.

dogsitter said...

So 80s fabulous.