Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today's Rescue - Blondie

Puppy mama! This sweet-faced staffordshire terrier/sharpei mix recently had pups and is in great danger now that her litter is of adoptable age. (That's how it works: raise your babies, then get redlisted.) Her name is Blondie, she's a great favorite among the staff at the South L.A. shelter for her gentle disposition, and could not be cuter. She's like a mini-staffie.

Blondie was dumped in the shelter with pretty severe flea dermatitis (just like Arthur has), but is healing nicely with a little care, and apparently is a big fan of the bath. The bath! She would be so happy in a real home.

Donations are being collected towards her rescue fund, but her time is very limited. Til Friday, to be exact. The shelters are extremely crowded right now, with new dogs coming in every day. Every dollar would help her cause.

Female staffordshire terrier/sharpei mix
3 years old
ID#: A0949170
South L.A. shelter

For more information, or to donate, contact Rita Lasman at yep6cats@aol.com or Jane Garcia at critters911@gmail.com

L.A. Animal Services

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