Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bagging in Style

Poop bags are all the rage, apparently - it's a market with endless possibilities, kind of like bottled water. So! Many! Options! For me, environmental impact supercedes all other factors (will it ACTUALLY degrade in a landfill?), but I am not immune to the lure of a nicely-designed product. And just look at the packaging on these!

JungeSchachtel, the Berlin-based design company that makes these bags, are obvious professionals - their graphics are so confident and the look of the individual bags is so appealing. I'm trying to ignore the fact that each bag features those cardboard helper handles that I find so unnecessary and wasteful; luckily, the candy colors and sans-serif font are making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I might have to go lay down.

I'm sticking to BioBags, but will always dream of good design.

Dog Poo Bags by JungeSchachtel via NotCot

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