Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For Your Consideration

Is it me, or does it seem like L.A.'s mandatory spay-neuter bill hasn't reduced the number of dogs in L.A. city shelters? In fact, doesn't it seem like the number has increased? I haven't gone over the figures, but it sure looks like business as usual in the upper echelons of LAAS, which is not really a good thing.

Read Nathan Winograd's account of the current shenanigans here.

(Credit for today's link goes to the ever-fabulous Lassie, Get Help.)


shirley said...

one thing i am really curious about is why these laws result in more homeless dogs...

i've read plenty of articles that explain this consequence as something to do with owners/caretakers fear of reprisal.

do you have any other theories?

dogsitter said...

I don't know if the numbers are actually up over and above the normal summer dumping glut, but my uneducated guess would be something like fear of reprisal. Or It's-easier/cheaper-to-dump-than-spay/neuter syndrome. But of course, we have no way of knowing for sure.