Monday, September 15, 2008

New Things

on a boat

Arthur got to go to Big Bear Lake this past weekend, and had himself a world of new experiences.

on a rock

in a lake

IN A LAKE! That's right, Mr. I-don't-get-my-paws-wet-unless-you-force-me voluntarily put his precious doggie feet into the water and submerged himself to the chest. Unprecedented! Momentous!

You'd have thought he'd saved a small child from drowning.


saratogajean said...

Yeah for you, Arthur! What's next...bungee jumping? Hangliding?

dogsitter said...

How about, doing my laundry?

lewis & Bark said...

What a good boy! I miss him :(. He looks so regal on that rock!

dogsitter said...

I just hope he didn't get any regal ticks.