Monday, November 17, 2008

Early Bird Shopping

Despite the fact that I am, on principle, vehemently opposed to pre-pre-Xmas retail whoring, I've been looking for a raised feeder to buy for Arthur's adoption birthday next week. His last feeder was damaged in the house remodeling, and since no self-respecting urban princess like Arthur should be forced to actually bend down to a bowl to eat his food, I will risk hearing The Nutcracker music in November and buy him a replacement. Here are some of the options I've come across so far:

The Noho$65.81
Kind of like a cross between a Noguchi lamp and a planter. I'm imagining little bits of food getting stuck between those thin pieces of iron. Too hard to clean. C-

The Lexi$167.94
These look like coffins to me. Do the tops lift off? I'm not really into vampire culture, especially at that price. D

The Sunset – $41.94
Mead, anyone? These colors are nice, especially that pale green, but I think these feeders might look weird unless your kitchen had a lot of serving wenches or medieval knights roaming around. Or you could pretend they were made by Philippe Starck and slap a $350 price tag sticker on them. That would shut everyone up. B-

The Baron – $83.95
I think this one's aiming for an Arts and Crafts aesthetic, but it makes me think of a prison. When your dog has finished eating, he can rattle the bowls along the metal bars. C-

The Wow – $109.95
What kind of name is "Wow"? This actually isn't that bad although it's wide and would take up a lot of space. Plus, $100 for "real wood veneer"? Whatever. B-

The Farina – $45.10
It doesn't get much simpler than these. Nice and streamlined, but they're porcelain and, I assume, very heavy. How do you get these to the sink without breaking your back? Not terribly practical. (Nickle-plated version seen at top.) C+

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